This summer vacation, because mom and dad to go to work, as usual, I go home, because I am more introverted personality, mom feel to give me a cake, it make me increase the chance of meeting people, learning some knowledge, summer holidays are still let me really let me a headache.

  One day, grandma and grandpa took me to mother in advance to contact me good golden microphone host computer classes, I will be here on my summer vacation the first lesson. After go in, I saw one man sat on a small wooden bench, I can't help but think: this is the nursery? Haven't I how this group of children. I wanted to think, and then found a small wooden bench to sit down, and the bench is too small to bearing force is insufficient, plus I chubby, bench almost to be overwhelmed. "Jingle bell" finally class, the teacher told us the stance of the host, how to vividly to introduce myself, at this point, I've just had a little bit on the cram school. But the age difference with other classmates or embarrassing me. At the end of the first class, the teacher also let the parents in auditing students introduce themselves. Well, I will be like the little avoid performance which in turn, I can't help but feel very hurt. When I played seriously, the audience a group of parents might see me with other children age difference, could not help but laugh, suddenly, a thick hate to my heart, I hate this interest class, hate with this group of children, also hate these parents laugh. Mother after listening to my protest, afraid that her child is too small I can't adapt to, and teachers coordinate pulled out of the cake course.

  Left the golden microphone host interest after work, I on to the second class interest class - the international phonetic alphabet. In after I am very surprised, because this is big and my age children in the class. Finds a seat, I also see the teacher, "wow, too good, is Mr Zhu", I used to English class is on her, my heart secretly pleased. A tall, thin boy became my deskmate, my deskmate also chatted with me, we talk about the game, chat to play, a lot of common language, therefore became good friends. I like go to class every day, has a strong interest on British standard, tested after the training for us, I also did very well in the last exam.

  I think will do this summer vacation interest class, age, there are many students can chat, to both the interest and learn knowledge.


  这天,爷爷奶奶带着我来到妈妈事先给我联系好的 “金话筒主持人”兴趣班,我将在这里上我的暑假第一课。进去后,只见一个个小人坐在小板凳上,我不禁心想:这是托儿所吗?怎么这群孩子都没我大。我想了想,随即找了个小板凳坐了下来,可板凳太小了承重力不足,加上我偏胖,板凳几乎要被压垮。“叮铃铃”终于上课了,老师给我们讲了主持人的站姿,如何生动地进行自我介绍,此时,我才对这个补习班产生了一丝丝好感。但是与其他同学年龄的差异还是令我尴尬。第一节课快结束时,老师又让家长们进来旁听同学们的自我介绍。唉,我要与这群小不点轮流表演,我不禁感到十分排拆。当我认真表演完了,台下一群家长可能看到我与其他小孩的年龄差异,禁不住大笑,顿时,一股浓浓的恨意在我心头产生,我讨厌这个兴趣班,讨厌和这群小孩一起,也讨厌这些家长们的笑声。妈妈听我抗议后,怕同班小孩太小我不能适应,和老师协调退出了这个兴趣班。



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  This summer vacation, because mom and dad to go to work, as usual, I go home, because I am more introverted personality, mom feel to give me a cake, it make me increase the chan..


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